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Understanding CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries

Overview of Button Cell Batteries

Button cell batteries, or coin batteries, are pocket-size, round batteries frequently used in watches, hearing aids, calculators, and other small electric devices. Knowing the specifications of diverse button cell batteries can guarantee you will select the exact battery for your device.

Importance of Understanding Battery Specifications 

With numerous types of button cell batteries, selecting the correct battery is decisive based on voltage, size, capacity, and other features to power your device correctly. This article compares CR2016 and CR2032 batteries to know their similarities and differences.

What is the CR2016 Battery?

CR2016 Battery Specifications

The CR2016 battery is composed of lithium chemistry with a 90mAh capacity and 3V nominal voltage. It has a height of 1.6mm and a diameter of 20mm. Key specifications are:

  • Height: 1.6mm
  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Nominal Voltage: 3V
  • Capacity: 90mAh

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Where to Use CR2016 Battery? 

The CR2016 is usually used in miniature electronics such as watches, car essential fobs, and fitness trackers when a small-capacity, thin battery is needed. Its size makes it adaptable to fit into fitted spaces.

How Long Does CR2016 Run?

The CR2016 typically offers 150-300 hours of runtime with a 90mAh capacity in low-drain devices. Performance hinges on device efficiency and actual drain.

What is the CR2032 Battery?

CR2032 Battery Specifications

The CR2032 battery is made of lithium chemistry with a 220 to 240mAh capacity. It measures 3.2 millimeters thick and is 20millimeter in diameter.

Where to Use CR2032 Battery? 

The CR2032 is usually used in devices needing the same diameter as a CR2016 but with additional capacity, such as calculators, watches, and remote controls. The additional height is suitable in low space-constrained cases.

How Long Does CR2032 Battery Run?

With 2 to 3X capacity compared to a CR2016, the CR2032 runtime can range from 300-1000+ hours depending on the device drain.

CR2016 vs. CR2032: Interchangeability

Addressing whether CR2032 and CR2016 are interchangeable

An everyday question is whether exchanging the CR2016 and CR2032 coin cell batteries is conceivable. While both disclose the same 20mm diameter, their varying capacities and thickness differences make substitutable use less candid.

Understanding CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries

Can CR2016 be used instead of CR2032?

The CR2016 measures 1.6 millimeters thick, less than half the 3.2 millimeter thickness of a CR2032. This ultra-slim volume allows a CR2016 to suit into spaces planned for a CR2032 battery substantially. However, the lower 90mAh capacity of the CR2016 would cause a significantly quicker runtime than the 220-240mAh CR2032 primarily recommended for the device.

Potential risks and considerations in interchangeability

While the CR2016 may work for a brief period in place of a CR2032, the battery was not intended for this divergence in capacity. Depending on a CR2016 could cause abrupt power letdown once its smaller reserves are exhausted below nonterminal voltage. Devices may perform erratically or be forever damaged if their needed startup current draws too severely from the CR2016 substitute. So, most device manufacturers do not acclaim interchanging these batteries. Consider inspecting polarity orientation as well earlier to attempt any battery replacement.


Recap of Key Differences

To review, while both are lithium coin cell batteries of identical 20millimeter diameter, the CR2016 and CR2032 have distinct changes:

  • Capacity: CR2032 has more than 2X the capacity (220 to 240mAh vs. 90mAh for CR2016)
  • Runtime: CR2032 supports 2 to 3X longer runtime (300 to 1000+ hrs vs. 150-300 hrs)
  • Thickness/ Height: CR2032 is thicker at 3.2millimeter vs 1.6millimeter for CR2016

Application-Driven Battery Choice

The battery choice relies on the application: if a slim battery is required, the CR2016 is possibly the best fit. When extended runtime is needed and the space permits, the CR2032 becomes the higher choice.

Importance of Informed Battery Selection

Considering dimensions, mAh rating, voltage, and device requirements ensure you choose the optimal coin cell battery. Always balance the replacement to the original for harmless functionality.

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